Lead Product Manager, Product Designer

Product Management, UI/UX, User Research, Agile, JIRA, Cross-functional leadership

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After packing my bags from California to New York City, I initially came on as the Senior Product Designers; however, after learning about the needs and challenges of the organization I grabbed a couple more hats and assumed the role as the Lead Product Manager.


I ran the full product spectrum from user research to product design to product prioritization, planning sprints and ensuring deliverables were shipped. I worked with the team to make significant improvements to not only our product and what we were building, but profoundly throughout the whole organization - with leading an Agile workshop and establishing an Agile product development process, constructing a product roadmap with input/collaboration from the whole team, setting up a JIRA board and properly tracking engineering tasks, establishing OKRs, and working with Rachel, our CEO, to understand our business and user insights to inform product decisions.

In projects I worked on, I affected core business metrics: conversion, project posting (linked to revenue), and engagement.

The biggest skill I developed was tackling challenges of an organization holistically while also empowering and working cross-functionally with team members to get into the weeds to strategize how to overcome individual humps and obstacles along the way.

It was great to have the opportunity to touch and contribute tremendous value to every part of the business - left to right, top to bottom. And most importantly, to work along with people who are truly talented and purpose-driven.

Key Results

  • Implemented Agile development at the company and overhauled business and engineer communication
  • Led the creation of a comprehensive product roadmap with collaboration from key stakeholders including CEO, co-founders and product team.
  • Established OKR's and led and influenced company focus over 2 consecutive quarters.
  • Shipped search bar feature that led to an increase in company project conversion and revenue. 6-7 projects posted in the week subsequent to shipping the feature compared to the previous weeks which were 1-2 projects.

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