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The past two years, I co-founded HackDavis, the first major collegiate hackathon at UC Davis, with my friends Christina, Sridatt and Vignesh.

Our mission is to address the world's most pressing social issues with technology. There are three main tracks to the hackathon: Environment, Health & Wellness, and Education. In a world, where Silicon Valley is focused on the next Tinder or Instagram, we aim to inspire change and cultivate a growing tech community dedicated to social change.

In addition to hosting UC Davis's annual student hackathon, our team puts together regular student-led workshops on topics ranging from HTML/CSS to design, how to get an internship, and other skill building workshops.

We're extremely proud to have a 50:50 gender ratio at our last event and to have donated $6000 to charity and non-profits.

HackDavis is something dear to me, as you can tell by reading my long Facebook post. I have a lot to write about. In the meantime, I'll include some links to keep you updated.

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