My vision is a world with no poverty and oppression. We still live in a world where most lack basic education, health care and human rights. Tech can solve bigger problems than photo sharing and food delivery apps. I will use tech and design to make the biggest social impact humanity has seen.

I was born and raised in the Bay Area, but I didn't write my first line of code until right before I finished high school. I was motivated by the fact I could build anything I had in mind. This video actually inspired me to pursue this as a career. My late teens were spent going through tutorials online and Codecademy.

As a Computer Science Major at UC Davis, I attended tons of hackathons and built apps, websites and projects. Being creative and product-focused, I naturally gravitated towards front-end development and product design. Soon after that, I came to learn more about product design and how it's about problem-solving, not just making things look pretty.

My junior year I co-founded HackDavis, the first major collegiate hackathon at our university. I started HackDavis because most hackathons lack projects with purpose. HackDavis was social-good hackathon with three tracks: health/wellness, education and environment. Our 2016 event was super successful with over 300+ participants, a 50:50 gender ratio, and $6000 donated to charity! Read about it!

This last summer I worked as Design and Front-End Intern at Connect, a platform to make everyday events with friends seamless and inspiring. One of the projects I was most proud of was designing and coding the landing page. I also learned an incredible amount from how to successfully conduct user research, usability tests and test prototypes. Being part of this close, scrappy startup family was one the best experiences I've ever had!

I'd love to be friends with you! When I'm not designing or coding, you can find me playing basketball, running, watching Friends (my favorite show), or jamming out to my Spotify Playlist (filled with Kanye and Katy Perry, my favorite artists). Contact me with the info below!